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Publications 1998

Selected Article

Nat. Comm 7, 13611 (2016)
Critical exponents and scaling invariance in the absence of a critical point

Proc. R. Soc. A 472, 2195 (2016)
Thirty per cent contrast in secondary-electron imaging by scanning field-emission microscopy
Phys. Rev. B 89, 014429 (2014)
Domain-wall free energy in Heisenberg ferromagnets

Phys. Rev. B 87, 115436 (2013)
Scale invariance of a diodelike tunnel junction
Shifted magnetisation curves in ultrathin Co films on stepped Cu(100)
A. Rettori, L. Trallori, M.G. Pini, C. Stamm, Ch. Würsch, S. Egger, D. Pescia
IEEE Trans. on Magn. , 1195 (1998).

Test of scaling theory at a two-dimensional Ising-like transition using a monolayer of Iron
D. Pescia
J.Magn.Magn.Mat. 177-181, 617 (1998).

Amplification of short-wavelength oscillations in exchange coupled Co-films by low temperature deposition
C. Stamm, Ch. Würsch, S. Egger, D. Pescia
J.Magn.Magn.Mat. 177-181, 1279 (1998).

Magnetic properties of atomically thin epitaxial dots and stripes with micrometer lateral size
U. Ramsperger, A. Vaterlaus, U. Maier, D. Pescia
Appl.Surf.Science 130-132, 889 (1998).

The structure of Fe on Al(001)
M. Hochstrasser, A. Atrei, B. Bolliger, R. Eismann, M. Erbudak, D. Pescia
Surface Rev. And Lett. 5, 1007 (1998).

Two-dimensional magnetic particles
C. Stamm, F. Marty, A. Vaterlaus, V. Weich, S. Egger, U. Maier, U. Ramsperger, H. Fuhrmann, D. Pescia
Science 282, 449 (1998).
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Atomare Session der Nanomagnete
D. Pescia
Aktuelle Technik 12, 22 (1998).

Magnetization Reversal in Ultra Short Magnetic Field Pulses
C.H.Back, D.Weller, J.Heidmann, D.Mauri, D.Guarisco, E.L.Garwin, and H.C.Siegmann
Phys. Rev. Lett. 81, 3251 (1998).

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